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Why Star Trek?

“What’s the deal with Star Trek?” “It’s just a science-fiction show.” Are these questions that you’ve heard before? If so, it would seem that we’re serving on the same starship (the Star Trek form of “we’re in the same boat”).  I usually just respond… Continue Reading “Why Star Trek?”

Our Captain Nog

I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while now, but I just couldn’t come up with the words to say. At first, I summed it up to me not knowing Aron as well as other Star Trek fans.  It then turned into… Continue Reading “Our Captain Nog”

Fond Memories of STLV 2018

(This is a recount of events from STLV 2018, as I wasn’t able to attend in 2019.) Alex Kurtzman informed us that he was bringing a special guest out onto the stage.  Every soul in the entire pavilion held their breath. The doors opened,… Continue Reading “Fond Memories of STLV 2018”

Gatekeeping in the Star Trek Fandom

Precursor, this topic drives me nuts. As a 23 year old Star Trek fan, I have heard every twisted reason in the book as to why my appreciation of the fandom is lesser than another’s. “You weren’t even around when TOS first aired.” “You… Continue Reading “Gatekeeping in the Star Trek Fandom”

Didn’t score SDCC Badges This Year? Never Fear!

If you’re like me, you’re probably pretty bummed that you didn’t get chosen for SDCC badges.  When I first moved to the San Diego area, I was thrilled to be close enough to access a major convention without having to coordinate extensive travel. However,… Continue Reading “Didn’t score SDCC Badges This Year? Never Fear!”