Didn’t score SDCC Badges This Year? Never Fear!

Fans leave the convention center on day one of Comic-Con International 2016 in San Diego. Photo: Denis Poroy/Invision/AP

If you’re like me, you’re probably pretty bummed that you didn’t get chosen for SDCC badges.  When I first moved to the San Diego area, I was thrilled to be close enough to access a major convention without having to coordinate extensive travel. However, I didn’t yet understand how exclusive of an event that the SDCC was.

I had seen pictures and videos of the convention that showed a plethora of people, so I figured that anyone that could afford a badge could attend.  Needless to say, I hadn’t attended very many conventions, and had no idea of the number of people that were interested in them.  There is definitely an upside and a downside to the fact that so many people want to be a part of cons.

After doing my research, I wrapped my head around the “pool” based system that SDCC uses to select badge holders.  I made an account, entered in my information, and wrote down the exact date and time that the pool would go live.  So when that time came around my first year, I was both excited and nervous.  I had hoped that as a new attendee, I would be prioritized over those that had attended the convention many times.  But that was just my inside selfishness talking.

My friend Amy DuPont Guzman representing CW6 News at Comic Con in 2016.

Needless to say, I didn’t get chosen that first year.  I was so jealous that my newscaster friend scored a press badge and I had to watch from the sidelines.  Last year I had no luck either.  I was confident that this year would be my year, but to no avail.  Three years of entering; amounting to nothing.  I now realize that I shouldn’t have been complaining at all, because some people have been trying to get chosen for badges much longer than that. One of my Twitter followers, @ojichan72 said that he’s been trying to get one for six years!

Twitter conversation between myself and @ojichan72.

After wallowing for some time on my poor luck, I decided that I still wanted to head into Downtown San Diego during the convention to (at least) check out some of the amazing cosplay, and hopefully get a chance to meet some fans on the street or over a drink.  Plus, I figured there had to be some other events that were happening around the con, since it really is such a worldwide phenomenon.  It’s the big one, and I didn’t want to miss out on any opportunity.

So, I got to researching. Thanks to information from Sarah Batcha at www.ocregister.com, and www.outsidecomiccon.com, I’ve found some amazing events OUTSIDE the SDCC to attend, since I didn’t get badges this year.  Not to mention, the official CBS website had some more juicy details about some exclusive Star Trek Discovery events happening both in and outside the con!

Check out the links above to decide what events you want to attend, and more specific details about each.  There is more than enough to satisfy any and all nerdy cravings, and here is the list of some that I am planning on attending:

  • Star Trek: Discovery Mirror Universe Gallery Takeover at the Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts Gallery
    • Why? Because the mirror universe costumes and props on Star Trek: Discovery were INCREDIBLE.  Hoping to create some cosplay of them soon.
  • Captain’s Chair Pedicab Rides through the San Diego Gaslamp District
    • Why? Here’s what CBS has to say about them: “The pedicabs will feature the chair’s distinctive stitched black seats as well as video monitors built into its armrests, which will screen trailers for the highly anticipated second season. As an added touch, each vehicle will display an illuminated U.S.S. Discovery delta shield on the back.”  That’s why.
  • Official Comic-Con International Art Show at the Manchester Grand Hyatt
    • Why? It’s open and free to the public, and features media from all different levels of creators.  Some will also be available to purchase.  I’m a creator that wants to support other creators, so you bet I’ll be there.
  • The Fourth Annual Chicano-Con at Border X Brewing
    • Why? It’s about celebrating pop-culture through the lens of the Latino community.  While I am not Latino, my husband is, and I think this will be a great cultural event.  Comics, film, art, television, etc. play a strong role in many cultures, and I’m curious to learn more.

These events are only four of the MANY that will be happening outside of SDCC.  I’d list them all, but you all would have stopped reading after the first few anyways.  The links above have a complete schedule. So… If you didn’t get a badge this year but still want to join in on the fun, these events are for you!

I hope to see you all there!


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