What people are saying:

“Positive outlook toward life and our nerd fandom. Excellent job”

Jim Stoffel

“Full of verve and enthusiasm for all things Trek, The 23 Year Old Trekkie will take you on a voyage of discovery. She will remind you of things you had forgotten and give you a different spin on what you do remember. She will do this with disarming charm and help you find so many reasons why you should love the franchise.”

Rosalia Gallo

“Innovative and always spot on Star Trek and all what is good in the universe of treks!!”

Rick Mickschl (Thanks, Dad!)

“Discussions about Star Trek culture and nerdy stuff.”

Kirk McConnell

“Shared news about Trek”

Robin Medford

“Ali I love your towel Tuesday show you created. It has been fun. Thank you Ali.”

John Bowersox

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