Newbies: A Watchparty Webseries

A preview intro for the first episode of Newbies: A Watchparty Webseries (The Star Trek Episode)

Newbies: A Watchparty Webseries has been a brainchild of mine for some time. I first thought about the idea a few years ago, and knew I had to develop it into something to share with you all. The premise of the show is simple: get a bunch of people together who have not seen a certain TV show/movie and have them watch and give their feedback on it. While I love the conversations I have with others that are as passionate about something as I am—there is something about hearing from those experiencing it for the first time.

The first episode of the series has been filmed and edited for quite some time, and is set to release on YouTube on September 14th (see the 25 Year Old Trekkie Countdown page if you have questions). As I am consistently learning more about content creating, I’m excited to see how the show will grow and evolve past the slow beginning it’s had.

Due to COVID-19, I’ve not been able to proceed on filming the next episode, but will do so when conditions are safe and there is no risk of transmission to those who choose to take part as a guest. Keep your eyes peeled for when the first episode releases in mid-September!

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