Nerdy T-Shirt Inspired Photoshoot

You Can’t Tear Me Down

This look was based off a custom shirt designed by Kira Knotts that reads “I’m here to drink raktajinos and punch Carsassians, and I’m all out of raktajino. -Major Kira, probably“. I based this look on my two favorite Bajorans—Ro Laren and Kira Nerys. It features a jacket similar to the Bajoran security uniforms colors, and ripped jeans (meant to symbolize that no matter how much others try to tear them down, the species will fight back).

This shirt was only available for a limited time, and is no longer for sale. If you have inquiries, contact Kira. If you find this shirt available via other sellers, it is an infringement of an original design—I’d appreciate if you reported it.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

This look was inspired by my love of all things Pokémon and Pokémon Go! I imagine myself as a chill and relaxed trainer, but still very passionate and optimistic. Who wouldn’t be set on exploring when you live in a place as incredible as Okinawa, Japan! P.S., Marill is my favorite Pokémon.

I originally purchased this short from Kohls, but it looks as though they no longer have the shirt in stock. If you’re interested in checking out some of the other Pokémon shirt offerings from Kohls, click here.

I’m a Doctor, not a Weightlifter!

This look is based off Star Trek: The Original Series’ fiesty and fiery Doctor McCoy! While oftentimes see Captain Kirk in the gym on the Enterprise, I’m convinced that Dr. McCoy would also be an avid fitness connoisseur.

If you are interested in purchasing this shirt, click here.


My love of Star Wars runs almost as deep as my love for Star Trek (yes, you can love both). This look is inspired by both the Rebel Alliance and The Empire, with touches of both featured. Am I Rey Skywalker looking out over the horizon? Or am I an Empire spy waiting to see something interesting to report? You decide!

This shirt is no longer available from the original retailer, but is available for resale on websites like Poshmark.

The Doctor, Doctor, Fun

I might not have a full pinstripe suit like the 10th Doctor, but I was able to dig up a pinstripe shirt! Growing up watching the 4th Doctor with my dad, I just had to feature something out of my array of Doctor Who clothing. Always keeping an eye out to make sure the Weeping Angels aren’t on my tail!

If you are interested in purchasing this shirt, click here.

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